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At Law TV, Konsua Law Consult discusses and conducts  legal interviews with legal luminaries for their views on the positions of various legal matters and topics as are relevant to the consumption of our listeners and viewers. These topics and matters discussable on Law TV includes social media discussions and topics bothering on law and corrections on comments and or writings erroneously made  on legal positions or law by either lawyers or non-law persons.

Practice Areas:

As part of the programs of Law TV, Konsua Law Consult also organizes a program called The Law and The Bible. This program will attempt to compare the Laws of God in the Bible to the application of legal principles applicable in our courts today. This practice is an attempt to prove to the world that the Bible is indeed a legal document for which the world’s legal regimes emanates and upon which the world will be judged.

As part of this program also on Law TV, the Consult will show to the world the existence of all contractual principles including contract law, criminal law, civil law, family law, commercial law, legal systems, constitutional laws, company law and equity.

So that as part of this education, the world will understand:

  • Why it is a sin to die without making a Will or a Last Testament.
  • Why God refused to listen to the prayers of Jesus Christ his beloved son after praying three (3) times on the mounting wishing that his decision to die for mankind be reversed.
  • Why God gave to King Hezekiah fifteen (15) additional years after raising him from his sick bed.
  • Why you need to be conscious of keeping even receipts of buses you board or documents as evidence in every sphere of your lives journey even where the transaction involves you and your darling wife or brother etc.
  • Why Moses was not only a Prophet of God but also a Lawyer.
  • Why God will not condemn man not until he has given his defense on the Judgment day etc.

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